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Alta Solutions Products

AS-200 SpectralShield™
Advanced PC-based production line sound and vibration test system
AS-240 GrinderMon™
Real-time roll grinder quality monitoring system
AS-250 SpectralMon™
Intelligent dynamic monitoring system with advanced alarming, real-time displays, digital recording, and remote monitoring
AS-320 Vibration Monitor
Next generation real-time vibration monitor provides machinery shutdown with traditional and advanced alarming methods
AS-330 CombustorGuard™
Real-time embedded combustion dynamics monitoring system
AS-380 AltaView
Open architecture remote web-based turbomachinery condition monitoring
AS-410 Machinery Analyzer
Real-time vibration and machinery analyzer with transient vector and waveform capture, modal testing, and digital recording
AS-5050 Compact Field Instrument Case
The AS-5050 case was specially designed to allow the AS-1250FE hardware to be quickly deployed with a laptop or tablet PC in the field
AS-1220 Automated Impact Hammer
Industrial automated impulse hammer that produces consistent and repeatable impacts
AS-1240 Four Channel Buffered Outputs Module
DIN rail mountable module that provides an electrically isolated interface for protection and monitoring systems
AS-1250FE Dynamic Signal Acquisition Front-End
The AS-1250FE is a high performance, compact and flexible data acquisition hardware platform used by Alta Solutions' powerful machinery monitoring and analysis products.
AS-7000 API 670 Machinery Protection System
High performance and cost-effective rack-based machinery protection system with integrated advanced analysis and easy plant integration.

Image of the AS-7000 Machinery Protection System