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AS-250 SpectralMon

The AS-250 SpectralMon provides advanced real-time monitoring and analysis with a powerful set of alarming criteria to detect changes in the dynamic signature of your critical machinery or process.

Once a dynamic event is detected, the system instantly informs the control system or other external devices and acts as a digital recorder by capturing important data before and after the event. This information can be used to alert the operator to change process settings or schedule maintenance.


  • Real-time dynamic monitoring and analysis
  • Advanced alarming and event triggering
  • Digital recording for post-processing
  • Parallel data acquisition
  • Scalable and intelligent data storage (snapshots, trending)
  • Remote monitoring and off-line analysis
  • Multiple external interfaces (PI, Modbus, SQL)

Typical Applications

  • Steam and gas turbine monitoring
  • Centrifugal and reciprocating compressor monitoring
  • Cooling tower fan monitoring
  • Wind turbine monitoring
  • Cold rolling mill monitoring
  • Pulp and paper mill monitoring
  • Textile mill monitoring
  • Roll grinder monitoring

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