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AS-1240 Four Channel Buffered Outputs Module

The AS-1240 Buffered Output Module is a DIN rail mountable module that provides an electrically isolated interface for protection and monitoring systems utilizing dynamic transducers such as accelerometers, velocity pickups, and displacement probes.

This module allows an operator to connect test equipment to a transducer channel for additional analysis without affecting the critical nature of the transducer signals. The module accepts electrical signals up to +/-20 Volts and 20 kHz without any signal integrity degradation.

The AS-1240 provides four independent buffered channels. Two sets of screw-down terminal strips on each side of the module provide the connections for signals, power, and grounds. Each incoming and outgoing signal is electrically tied together. The input connectors located at the bottom row connect the transducers to be monitored. The output connectors situated at the top row connect the raw transducer signals to the main monitoring system.

The BNC buffered outputs located on the front-side of the module provide a means of connecting test equipment to the transducer monitoring system without disturbing the raw sensor signal. The buffered outputs reproduce the input signal within an accuracy of +/- 1%.


  • Compact size
  • Industrial DIN rail mounting
  • Terminal strip connections ease field wiring integration
  • Four isolated output channels via BNC receptacles
  • Wide voltage and frequency ranges

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