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AS-1220 Automated Impact Hammer

The AS-1220 Automated Impact Hammer is designed specifically for production-line environments where accuracy and speed are vital.

The hammer produces consistent and repeatable impacts to the part under test eliminating many of the common data collection issues, such as inconsistent force and multiple hits.

An external contact closure allows the operator to activate the hammer manually using an industrial foot-switch or automatically using a programmable logic controller (PLC).

The hammer's small form-factor and industrial housing allows it to be easily integrated on the production line. In addition, the hammer's enclosure can accommodate an optional 1/2" dynamic instrument microphone, eliminating the need of additional fixturing for acoustic resonance testing.


  • Consistent and repeatable impacts
  • Adjustable force range
  • Variable stroke length
  • Externally triggered by a contact closure
  • Rugged construction
  • Small form factor and lightweight

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