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It is important to monitor gauge thickness, stand vibration, and roll pressures to help control the quality of the product passed through the mill.

Traditional monitoring systems simply detect mill chatter and reduce the mill speed. However, this sacrifices the mill's productivity and does not identify the true cause of the problem (product, work rolls, backup rolls, or bearings).

Alta Solutions provides innovative mill monitoring techniques to better detect the presence of mill chatter and quickly identify the cause of the problem.

Alta Solutions can also help to dramatically improve the roll surface quality by roll grinder monitoring and avoid inducing grinder chatter or other patterns on the roll.

Alta Solutions Products

AS-240 GrinderMon™
Real-time grinder quality monitoring system
AS-250 SpectralMon™
Intelligent dynamic monitoring system with advanced alarming, real-time displays, digital recording, and remote monitoring
AS-410 Vibration Analyzer
Performs high-speed digital recording, transient data capture, modal testing, real-time monitoring and alarming
AS-320 Vibration Monitor
Next generation vibration protection system with all of the capabilities of a rack-based protection system, while available in a modular and cost effective package