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As your customers have come to expect their cars to be quieter, there is an increasing need for your automotive parts to operate quieter. It is essential to provide a quality screen directly on the production line to identify and catch these out-of-tolerance or defective parts.

Alta Solutions provides automotive component manufacturers with cost-effective and powerful solutions to quickly pass or fail parts based on their product's noise and vibration signatures.

Alta Solutions Products

AS-200 SpectralShield
Advanced PC-based production line sound and vibration test system.


  • Alternator Testing
  • Brake Rotor Testing
  • Compressor Testing
  • Fuel Pump Testing
  • Heated Seat Fan Testing
  • Radiator Fan Testing
  • Seat Motor Testing
  • Steering Knuckle Testing
  • Sunroof Regulator Testing
  • Water Pump Testing
  • Window Regulator Testing